Working in Fashion: Interview with Jessica from Daniel Footwear

Working in Fashion: Interview with Jessica from Daniel Footwear


I met Jessica at the Macmillan Cancer event at Daniel Footwear last month.  She’s the type of girl you don’t forget. One, because she’s very beautiful. And two, because she has a kind and gentle nature, one which makes you warm to her straight away. She’s also the Christmas angel who helped me sort out my mum’s special Christmas present this year (initals M.K = big clue).

Anyone who makes my mum happy, makes me happy. So to me, PR & Marketing Exec, Jessica Hodkinson is a bit of a hero. Here I interview her for my ‘Working in Fashion‘ series, something I’ve put together to hopefully shed some light on how to work in fashion for young, aspiring girls.

Interview so far include Stylist Kate from, Award Winning Fashion Designer Luke Archer and Assistant Editor from Little Black Dress.

Read my interview with Jessica below…

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1. How did you get into fashion PR?

I actually got into fashion PR by luck and not exactly choice. I worked at Topshop for around 6 years whilst studying and I have always had an interest in fashion and retail but mainly because I’m female and who doesn’t? When I graduated from University I went to work for a digital agency where I learnt all about SEO and online PR. From here I moved to another agency and was then approached and asked to work for Daniel Footwear in-house. The opportunity of running their PR was pretty exciting so I jumped at the chance.

2. Tell me about working for Daniel Footwear. They seem like a great company to work for!

Working for Daniel Footwear is stimulating and somewhat challenging. The brand had limited noise around it when I started at the company two years ago but now we are being featured in magazines and the Daniel products are being talked about and styled by influential bloggers. I run all of the social channels and it’s great to see we are approaching 10,000 likes on the Facebook page organically. Working with smaller budgets can be tough but it allows my creative mind to function and form ideas.

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3. I have to say I’m not really a designer girl (although I do have a weakness for Michael Kors). You work with so many designer brands in your day to day work. Has it influenced your fashion sense or ultimately affected your bank balance?!

Well, I always stick to the high street for clothing because the choices for women are just as good as some of the expensive designer brands. Since working here, I have actually purchased one or two Michael Kors bags and a trusty Tory Burch bag. I convinced myself they were essential!

4. From my experience of working in fashion and analyzing customer shopping patterns / shopping trends, I would say that religious designer shoppers are low confidence customers, perhaps women who need that designer approval to give them an extra confidence boost when it comes to dressing. I could be wrong. But what are your thoughts on designer vs high street or designer vs vintage/indie?

I do think designer brands provide that luxury status but it is hard to put everyone in one bracket. I absolutely love vintage and often pick up pieces from charity shop, however when I saw the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote in the summer, I fell in love and bought it. Maybe it is a combination of a few things.

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5. How would you describe your personal style?

I think my style is quite relaxed and I am more experimental than a complete style queen. I like to keep up with current trends (currently wearing the essential tartan scarf) but I don’t follow any rule books and would rather feel comfortable than awkward.

6. Fashion is really important to me. I hate to admit it but I rarely throw things on (I’m not that effortless). Most of my outfits are extremely considered. Would you say you were the same working in a fashion environment?

I make sure I look smart for work but I do actually ‘just throw things on’ most of the time.

7. Give me this season’s must have shoes from Daniel Footwear!

We have a lot of new styles at Daniel Footwear for this A/W and the Daniel collection is the best I have seen so far. Luxury leather biker boots, wedge ankle boots and knee boots are definitely must haves this season.

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Thanks to Jessica for answering my interview questions. Make sure you check out the Daniel Footwear website for the latest A/W collection or visit Jessica’s personal blog, And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter / Instagram to keep up to date with more ‘Working in Fashion’ interviews!