What Inspires Me: November 2013

What Inspires Me: November 2013

It’s been so long since I’ve created an inspiration post so I’m super excited to show you what’s been steering my fashion choices in recent months. If you read my blog, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of independent designers and for me, 2013 has been a year of unearthing the most incredible works of art, as well as the amazing people behind it. I’ve been very privileged to have worked with a number of talented fashion designers this year and they’ve given me so much inspiration.




(Full portfolio on Belles Bejewelled website)

I worked with Belles Bejewelled back in April this year. But her latest collection is what’s really giving me food for thought. These images are dark and moving in an uncomplicated, romantic way. I love the geo shapes and the use of angles.


ludique Craiasa 2

ludique Craiasa 3

ludique Craiasa 4

ludique Craiasa 5

ludique Craiasa

(Images: Ludique)

I hate weddings. I think wedding dresses are awful. The whole formal standing around drinking mediocre fizz and sitting on chairs with the same godamned chair covers you see at every. Bloody. Wedding…..it’s just not my thing. But give me slutty, kinky bride and gothic red lipstick and I might be interested in tying the knot.

These amazing images are of the Craiasa bridal inspired-lingerie collection by Ludique, photographed by Stefan Dani.


piers atkinson ss14

piers atkinson ss14 2

Piers Atkinson is a wacky milliner who seems to a have gone a little creepy Kawaii crazy for SS14. His collection was showcased at the Paris Show Rooms last month. Pure Japanesey tack. I love it and hate it all at the same time.




(Collection from Missguided website)

The LOVE+PEACE collection from Missguided seems a million miles away from what they’ve been doing so far. I do love Missguided but they’re the fashionable girl’s trend machine; they churn out trends season after season. They do trends well. But this collection feels so much more considered. Minimalist, monochromatic and slightly androdynous.


beanie 2


beanie fashion


(Images from Tumblr)

I think beanies are so hot. So many girls make the mistake of over-feminising – tight dresses, high heels, fake tan and cleavage. Sometimes the sexiest way to be is to dress down, rock your boyfriend’s tshirt and swap the bouffant for a scruffy beanie. I’ve gone beanie crazy this season and I’m still in the market for more (I need one for each day of the week yo).


breaking bad fashion

(Converse from Arkham Kicks Etsy)

breaking bad necklace

(Necklace from Peace and Paisley Etsy)

heisenberg fashion

(Jumper from Moment Gear Etsy)

yeah bitch brooch

(Brooch from Kate Rowland Etsy)

Breaking Bad fashion. That is all.


chloe norgaard gravure

chloe norgaard gravure

chloe norgaard gravure

chloe norgaard gravure

chloe norgaard gravure

(Images: Gravure Magazine)

Everyone designer went crazy for Cara D and her eyebrows this year. But I’m more interested in the girl with five colours in her hair. Ashish Gupta used Chloe Norgaard for his glitzy SS14 collection and all of a sudden I found myself stocking up on Crazy Colour in Bubblegum Blue and searching for racoon hair extensions. I changed my mind about the racoon barnet but nonetheless, Chloe Norgaard remains as my number one girl crush right now.







I am loving this year’s Christmas window displays from French department store, Galeries Lafayette. This luxury department store can be found on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, and Beauty and the Beast actress, Léa Seydoux and actor, André Dussollier unveiled the grand opening to the public.


andre judd

fashion blogger inspiration

fashion blogger inspiration

(Andre Judd, LookBook)

The person I’ve looked up to the most this year in fashion is Andrew Judd, a stylist / fashion editor / LookBook-er from Manila. Don’t worry BryanBoy, there’ll always be a place in my heart for you and Rumi. But this year, I haven’t been able to get enough of Andre Judd and his endless wardrobe of weird ass shit.