What Inspires Me: January 2014

What Inspires Me: January 2014

New year. New hair. I’m crossing my fingers for a lot in fashion in 2014; some amazing prints, confident colours including my favourite bright orange and even more monochrome. But before we even think about Spring/Summer, let’s just get through January. The month of my diet kickstart, the cold, bitter month where I try and pawn off a fur coat on ebay just to claw back a bit of booze money. 😉

Here’s some nice inspiration to get you through the dreaded dark and dreary Jan.





(Above: The Cold Rush Lookbook by NastyGal)


marilyn monroe polka dots

brigitte bardo polka dots

(Above: Old movie stars in polka dot Tumblr)


prada banana print

moschino pineapple

(Above: Fruity prints from Prada & Moschino)


ciara clark 1

ciara clark 3

ciara clark 4

(Above: Ciara Clark, jewellery maker / stylist / art director)


yasmin ross jewellery 2

yasmin ross jewellery 3

yasmin ross jewellery

(Above: perspex jewellery by etsy seller Yasmin Rose Jewellery)



monochrome 2

black white

(Above: monochrome inspiration from tumblr)


cheeky stick



(Above: beautiful packaging by NV Colour)


Hope everyone’s had a lovely sober Jan. 😉 Roll on Feb!