What Inspires Me: December 2012

What Inspires Me: December 2012

I’m one of those annoying short-attention-span people. I’m extremely guilty of getting distracted when I’m supposed to be working. For instance, right now I’m  supposed to be working on a social media plan. Oh well. I just hope my CEO isn’t reading this.

On the upside, my daily dossing around and shameful work ethic means that I stumble across some really cool things. I genuinely believe that fashion is inspired by everything around us; art, architecture, design, food, culture, music, the weather, just about everything.

So here’s my inspiration for the month. I hope it inspires you too!


Amazing photography and illustration by Natalie Shau for Solitaire Magazine. I’m obsessed with her work at the moment.


Amazing nail art by Alice Bartlett


Ok is anyone else obsessed with Fab.com? Currently I am receiving about 3 emails per day from these guys and I’m yet to be miffed about that. Because everything on their website is A-MA-ZING. I’ve already bought a cat t-shirt. Maybe now I need the cat furniture to match?


Forever a Nasty Gal fan, I am just loving their latest lookbook titled Good Girl Gone Bad, with brow-tastic (seriously, check out her brows) and one of a kind model, Bambi.


Everything about galactic cat prints, is cool. Really, really cool. I don’t care that some people (mainly Laura) think I look like a weird Chinese magician woman when I wear my galaxy cat jumper. I can’t get enough of the space cat theme and when this blows up next year, I just need to say this: I got there first haha!


I’m a rookie when it comes to Photoshop so it always blows my mind to see the wonders that can be achieved through digital manipultaion. These images by Sarah Ann Wright (shared by Worldoz) are awesome.


These images are from Webdesignerdepot.com. With Christmas around the corner, winter photography is going to be a new passion of mine. Note: I say passion. Not skill. I am, quite frankly, totally shit.


I’ve been working with Natasha from Girl in the Lens to style some clothes from Republic Fashion. Here she wears the Soul Cal knitted dress so well and the colours in the photo just make me want to blog even more!

So that’s it for December…..I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ‘What Inspires Me’ post and please keep checking back for more. Let me know what gets your creative juices flowing and if you love these images too!