gold vintage shirt

Vintage Gold

Wave goodbye to Britain’s biggest ebay queen (old news, darling) and say hello to Britain’s most obsessive etsy girl. Yes, that would be me. I downloaded the app and it’s pretty much ruined my life already; that includes everything from my relationship with my bank manager to the relationship with my boyfriend (too busy browsing etsy to give him attention).

Etsy is, without a doubt, the only place to shop if you’re looking for amazing one of a kind vintage pieces or handmade jewellery that you simply (and bear in mind I’m not one to resort to capitals) CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE.

This gold vintage shirt was a late night couldn’t-get-to-sleep etsy purchase for my friend’s gold themed party. But nobody needs a party to wear gold. I’ve clashed this loud polka dot shirt with some bright red accessories and lipstick, and there’s an 80% chance that I could get mistaken for a Quality Street, but I’m willing to take that chance.

GOLD1 GOLD2 GOLD3 GOLD4 GOLD5 gold-vintage-shirt

I’m wearing: shirt (vintage from etsy), bag (H&M), hat (Republic sample sale), necklace (365fashions), bracelets (OPS! and Celliana), sunglasses (D&G)