Vintage Find: Bustown Modern Vintage

Vintage Find: Bustown Modern Vintage

A few weeks ago, I stayed up ’til 3am on a Thursday bidding on a 1950s opera coat; I spent the last fifteen minutes of the auction having what could have been classed as a panic attack, convinced that someone out there was going to challenge me in the last few unsalvageable seconds and snatch the coat away.  My ipad, iphone and laptop were all lined up in a row just incase one, or even two, broke or crashed mid-auction. In the last 13 seconds of the auction, I got cocky. I thought I had it in the bag. In the last 7 seconds, some thieving fashion whore ruined my year. I still haven’t recovered from the heartache.

I mean, just look at their stuff. It’s ridiculous. It’s actually mental how amazing it all is. I can’t begin to think how screwed my bank account is going to be now I know about Bustown Modern Vintage.

bustown fur







I’d like to thank Bustown Vintage for crapping on my life. When I’m living on the streets because I can’t pay my rent and my own mother disowns me for selling all the furniture in the family home to pay for fur coats, you’re gonna have a lot to answer for.