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My Top 10 Fashion Blogs for a Rainy Day

So I’m sick of seeing Ms. Bubble on the top of every blogger list. You’re amazing, we get it (not being sarcastic here, she’s actually amazing). Facehunter and Bip, I’m bored of seeing you frequent these lists too. You’re all so good, it’s predictable. So I’ve knocked up my own little list of top fashion bloggers who I think are good at blogging. ‘Good at blogging’ – sounds so juvenile doesn’t it? By this I mean unique and inspirational styling, a good understanding of fashion and maybe the industry, a creative flair, an eye for new brands / designers, great photography (tiny little mobile pics are my pet hate) and last but not least, the ability to put an apostrophe in the right place (self-confessed grammar Nazi here).

I know that not everyone is after the same thing when it comes to fashion blogs. Some people enjoy following bloggers who keep an online diary and share insights into their lives, others like to see a daily outfit post (candid and honest no matter how samey it is to yesterday’s outfit) and others are after style advice or something that’s wearable. For me, I just want to be inspired. I may not ever be able to wear some of the outfits seen on Bryanboy (I can’t afford them) but I get so much inspiration from his creative styling. So I hope you enjoy my list of top 10 fashion blogs – it may not be your cup of tea but I hope you appreciate what I love about them.

Here are my top 10 fashion blogs for women (and surprisingly, not all of them are women):

1. Bryanboy

fashion blogs for women

top 10 fashion blogs

He wins. Hands down. Bryanboy, please give me your wardrobe. Or hire me as your assistant. I’ll look after yours and best friend Rumi’s press/marketing/correspondence/laundry/whatever you want me to do. #desperate


2. Love Aesthetics

top fashion blogs

interesting fashion blogs

If you want to follow a blogger who only ever wears white (sometimes she throws you off and wears black and white, ooooh) and still looks so bloody amazing despite the limited colour palette, follow Ivana Carpio’s blog. Seriously though, she only ever wears white.


3. The Avant Gardien (feature image)

top 10 fashion blogs

fashion blogsfor women

He’s a Tumblrite. So there are no words to his pictures. But who needs them when you’re Andre Judd?

Andre, I want to be you. But I don’t want a willy and facial hair, obviously.


4. Death by Platforms

kookie buhain

kookie buhain 2

Kookie Buhain has boy hair and still manages to look smoking. As one of the few females on the planet who can pull off the short-back-and-sides (boys, you know what I’m talking about), Kookie’s blog scores some serious cool points with a girly hating girl like me. She’s a real tomboy. But somehow, she still looks so feminine.


5. Camille Tries to Blog


top 10 fashion blogs

If you’re the jealous type, don’t follow Camille’s blog. She looks like she’s come straight out of the pages of a magazine. She’s literally perfect. She also designs her own ready-to-wear fashion label called Coexist so her styling is particularly accessible.


6. The Provoker

top 10 fashion blogs

top 10 fashion blogs

top10 fashion blogs

Nathan Moy wears girl’s clothes and he effing rocks them. He’s also a lot of fun in his photos and doesn’t seem to take fashion too seriously. We all love fashion but no-one wants to be a fashion bore…..some bloggers could really take a leaf out of Nathan’s book.


7. Adenorah



How effortless is this girl? And you’ve guessed it – she’s French. Only French chicks could ever look this chic in a t-shirt and jeans. Adenorah’s style is exactly as you’d expect from a girl who lives in Paris, and as I heart Paris more than anything (no matter how cliche it is), Adenorah’s blog is much loved by me. She doesn’t have me oohing and ahhing at crazy outfits and she always brings me back down to earth. Not everything you wear has to be weird. And it’s easy to forget that when you look up to bloggers who dress like aliens. Yes, I’m looking at you Andre Judd.


8. Lust for Life

fashion blogs top 10

fashion blogs top 10

fashion blogs top 10

Olivia Lopez is a simple kind of fashionista, nothing too wild, nothing too crazy. But her style simplicity is never boring. I’d say her her fashion sense is closet to my own out of everyone else I admire here – she just does it a hell of a lot better than me! She’s the perfect Wildfox / Nasty Gal model don’t you think? Check out her blog here.


9. Feral Creature

fave fashion blogs


So I just had the audacity to compare my own style with Lust for Life’s Oliva Lopez. But if I was dreamer, Feral Creature‘s Eugenie is whom I would really like to be compared to. If pigs could fly! This girl is so badass and she has the best hair in the world.


10. Quyen Mike



I need to know why men of the oriental kind are so hot at fashion blogging. Bryanboy, Moy, Judd and now Quyen Mike (which I am guessing is his name backwards?). Quyen Mike is a photographer so there are none of those pesky mobile phone shots taken in the bathroom mirror (*grumble*). Just straight up inspiring photography.

top 10 fashion bloggers

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing my own personal top 10 fashion blogs for women (and men too if blokes ever stumble upon my blog). I’m sure my list will constantly grow and evolve as there’s never enough time for all the wonderful bloggers out there. Besides, I’ve loved Bryanboy since forever now. Maybe it’s time to ditch him and move on. 😉

Let me know in the comments who your favourite bloggers are!