tie dye trend 2013

Tie Dye Daisy

My favourite accessory designer has now dipped her creative toes in the clothing pond, and boy am I glad to be on the same side of the water as Kiss Like Daisy – ‘cos she just gets more and more awesome each season.

There’s a raw, hand finished feel to Kiss Like Daisy and that’s what I really love. It’s not perfect. But it’s not meant to be. And this handmade tie dye top is a welcome addition to my festival wardrobe for 2013. I can’t wait to rock it at Hideout, SW4, Mint Fest and any other house showdown I can get my ravin’ little trotters down to!

Oh. And check the matching srunchie. It’s trés rad.

tassel fringe shorts

tie dye trend ss13

tie dye trend ss13

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I’m wearing: tie dye crop top (Kiss Like Daisy), hair scrunchie (Kiss Like Daisy), tassel shorts (Primark), sunglasses (Boohoo)