Some Brands I Effing Jeffing Love!

Some Brands I Effing Jeffing Love!

For myself, I rarely shop on the high street. For work, I ‘comp shop’ to check out competitors. But other than that (and some vintage treats here and there), I’m quite the online purist.

I hold my hands up. My digital shopping mentality isn’t doing the high street any favours. In fact, I really hope that the more comp shopping I do, the more I can revive that romance I once had with fashion’s bricks and mortar. But for now, I just can’t seem to peel myself away from my laptop, ipad or iphone. The addictive Etsy app remains to be the main stumbling block in my love life; my boyfriend can vouch for that.

But even Etsy gets a bit predictable after a while. There’s only so much Topshop-hating and Zara-dodging one girl can do. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for more online gems to keep me on my toes. Here are my latest finds…


Dancing Leopard

dancing leopard 1

dancing leopard 2

dancing leopard 3

Maybe Dancing Leopard isn’t for everyone. But this brand represents absolutely everything that I love. Inspired by the White Isle, the entire DL collection is just me. It may not be particulraly inventive but it’s perfect for girls who hate bras and never wear socks. 😉


Bo Carter

bo carter fashion

bo carter fashion

forgotten leeds

Ever since I saw Bo Carter on the Leeds Fashion Show catwalk, I’ve had my eye on the brand. But it wasn’t until the ‘Forgotten Leeds’ photoshoot that I fell in love with the ethical story behind the Bo Carter collection. The brand’s designer, Bozena refuses to bow down to the pressures of the fashion industry and uses synthetic materials in all of her designs. Two fingers up to leather and fur. You go girl.


Never Fully Dressed





Like I said, I hate bras. I never wear socks (unless I’m at the gym). I try to get away with no underwear most days and if I wasn’t slowly but surely morphing into a blob, I would around the house naked. Never Fully Dressed is almost my motto. It’s all about being free, unrestricted and showy but never slutty. Ratchet girls, steer clear. 😉


Indigo East





I couldn’t be this hip even if I tried. This is effortlessly boho. Indigo East is an indie brand on ASOS Marketplace and I would probably be right in saying that it’s not made for everyone. The designs are unconventionally colourful and hedonistic, and just like the Cinderella’s glass slipper, it will either fit or it won’t. If you can’t rock this, don’t even bother trying, for ‘effortlessly boho’ can easily become ‘new age festival twat’. I just hope I’m not the latter.