Roc and Doll

Roc and Doll

I’ve been so bored of online brands recently. Nastygal, we get it, you rule the roost. Wildfox, I could never afford you anyway. Boohoo, Missguided and Motel Rocks, I can’t even keep up with who’s copying who these days. Even vintage is starting to make me yawn.

Fashion just starts to look the same to me after a while. So lately, I’ve been seeking out independent designers for something completely different.

This is Roc and Doll. You can see their full collection online.

roc doll 1

roc doll 2




roc-doll-9.jpgroc-doll-6.jpg        roc doll 3

I’m wearing: Top (Roc & Doll), hareem trousers (Krisp Fashion), brogues (ebay), sunglasses (ebay)


When someone tells you that you look like David Bowie (boyfriend’s exact words), you can sleep at night knowing that you don’t look like every other girl on the high street. 😉 And that’s why I love independent fashion labels such as Roc and Doll.

Let me know in the comments if you have any favourite independent designers!