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Today I Lost My Job…

It’s not often I write about my personal life; I’m a very private person and I don’t see how what I ordered at Starbucks or where I took my dog for a walk is relevant to fashion. But today, my news is all about fashion. It’s about the meltdown of a highstreet name that has been struggling for survival and sadly, lost its fight at 11:15am today.

From this day forward, I no longer work in the glamorous (gruelling) world of fashion (slavery). Is it a blessing in disguise? Maybe. But it doesn’t take away the amazing work we did in attempt to save Republic Fashion before the dreaded footsteps of adminstrators filled our atrium.

So today I lost my job. And even though I complained every single day to my boyfriend / friends / housemates / mum / dad / anyone who would listen about how frustrating my job was, Republic was actually a very big part of me. And the people I worked with really made it an incredible place. So here’s my “goodbye” to Republic Fashion…


republic administration


Above: Republic Magazine Summer 2012

republic leeds


Above: Republic Leeds launch with Willy Moon


angel-2 angel-republic

Above: Angel gig at Republic Romford

Looking from the outside in, it’s so easy for strangers to point and tell us where things went wrong. As an insider, I know that it was never that simple. To me, Republic Fashion was a confused, fragile and temperamental retailer in an awkward period of change.  Whether the change was right or wrong, it just didn’t cut it for now.

So I’m sad to leave it all behind. Whether I continue to work in fashion or not, I’m glad to say I’ve worked for Republic. And proud to have been their Online PR Manager.

Over and out for now Republicans…