Myzine: Create and Earn

It’s not often I write about things like this. But I recently discovered, a relatively unknown online platform which brings together a fashion blogger’s two favourite things; 1. being creative and 2. earning money. (Not mine of course because I’m all about hippy love and only promoting the things I believe in, yada yada – you think I’m joking but this is sadly 100% true).

So MyZine is a brand new e-mag concept. I’m the first to admit that e-magazines just don’t do anything for me. I’m more of a book reader than a magazine girl anyway (I get my fashion inspiration from blogs, instagram, and every day street style) but when I do buy a fashion mag, I enjoy the satisfaction of feeling the glossy cover against my fingers, the sound of turning pages, the smell of fresh printed paper and the knowledge that a fast paced, ridiculously fashionable office full of creative people worked hard to get this issue on shelves.  So what’s so great about MyZine?

For me,  MyZine is different because it’s content created by readers, by bloggers. Not hot shot writers and the completely untouchable acting editors of the nation’s glossiest (do they really know better than the rest of us lowly lot?). The content is uniquely created by bloggers and the designers at MyZine. Power to the people!




myzine pages bloggers

Not only are MyZines completely unique and beautifully designed, taking into consideration the creative direction from the blogger, they are also 100% shoppable too. So bloggers can earn money every time someone shops from their magazine. I just love this concept and the earning element is a great added bonus to the creative opportunity.

Love this? Then visit MyZine and learn how you can create your own online mag!