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Mulberry Accessories Award: Interview with Amy Davidson

Congrats to Amy Davidson for winning the Mulberry Accessories Award at Graduate Fashion Week. We all saw the news roll in when Lauren Smith claimed the £20,000 prize for her mind-blowing clothing collection. But I really wanted to talk to Amy Davidson from the Manchester School of Art about her epic bag creations. Because for me, an accessory is just as important as the outfit it hangs from.

With such a prestigious award from Mulberry, there must be a world of opportunities awaiting graduate, Amy; Mulberry is the King of handbags after all. But quite frankly – and despite the fact that Amy’s accessories are designed for menswear – I’d rather have an Amy D than a Mulbs any day. Unless I can convince my boyfriend to rock a manbag, that is. 😉


And this is what the people over at Mulberry has to say about Amy’s collection: “We were really impressed by the intricacy of Amy’s work, such a great narrative running through her portfolio, incredible attention to detail and a beautifully considered use of material.”

I interviewed Amy to see what she had to say about, what seems to me, as an incredible dream come true. So Amy, meet blog readers. Blog readers, meet Amy…

1. What was the inspiration behind your winning collection?

The inspiration for my collection came from my travels in France last summer. I visited a few cathedrals and fell in love with the intricate details found around the buildings and on the ceilings. I also love things that are delicate like lace, you can see the skill and time that went into making something like that. My fascination with both these things lead me to design a detailed laser cut pattern inspired by gothic imagery. I chose to use the colours black and silver because they are the colours most used in my research and they work best with the look I tried to achieve.

The designer I look at the most is Iris Van Herpen; she uses multiple textile techniques and unusual fashion materials to create beautiful garments that shock and inspire her audience. Another designer is Sandra Backlund, her visionary knitwear breaks the mould and she shows how sometimes the best way to create exiting garments is to let the fabric inform the designs not with flat 2D drawings.

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2. I’ve noticed that a lot of designers don’t seem to wear their own designs but design for other people. Do you design to your personal taste or do you create garments for someone else?

I dress in a similar way to my designs, but a toned down version. For example, I like laser cut tops, floaty lace pieces and thin delicate knitwear but in my job I’m constantly rushing around from place to place. I need to be comfortable, so I find my style is simpler but considered.

3. Which celebs or public figures would you love to see papped in one of your statement bags?

I would love to see Keira Knightley with one of my bags. Her sophisticated style is the exact look I was hoping to achieve.

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4. Now that you have this incredible award behind you, what are the next steps in your career path? (Basically when can we get our hands on your designs? *fidgets impatiently*)

My post graduate plans are to make a few more finishing touches to the bags (so they are of an excellent quality) and see how it goes. I will announce when there ready on Twitter. In September I will then move to London to study a Masters in accessories at the Royal College of Art.

5. There were lots of amazing up and coming designers at Graduate Fashion Week – who do you think is going to make it big? (Come on, give us a clue..)

I’m truly in love with Lauren Smith’s collection, the silhouettes and colours are truly genius! I think she is going to go far. Olivia Creber’s menswear jewellery design is fascinating, I have never seen any thing like it before and I cant wait to see the future work.

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(Above: Amy Davidson Womenswear 2012-2013. See Amy’s full portfolio on ArtsThread)

I’m dying to see Amy’s creations out on the fashion market and whether she decides to go down the high end designer route, the boutique label route or she decides to try her hand at high street, I wish her all the best.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of Amy’s award winning Graduate Fashion Week collection. And you can follow Amy on Twitter too to see what she’s getting up to!