Molly Goddard for ASOS: Tulle

Molly Goddard for ASOS: Tulle

After last week’s freak thunder storm, I am no longer shopping for retina blinding fluros or thigh chafing hotpants. I say thigh. But that’s just to preserve my dignity. Barbecues are still sizzling and flip flops are still flapping against the pavements here in Leeds but I know, oh yes, I know, that old wintery Wilma is just poking around the corner. What a cow.

With the cold hearted weather witch looming behind our every step, I just can’t justify buying a Molly Goddard tulle smock for £140 right now. Or can I? No, I can’t. But could I? No, I really shouldn’t…

I saw the pre launch pics for Molly Goddard on Style Bubble a while back and right now I feel like I’ve missed the boat. This blog post, is essentially, me kicking myself. With boots on.

Maybe next year I can get my tulle on?

molly-goddard-designer molly goddard 5 molly goddard 1 molly goddard 3 molly goddard style bubble style bubble 2

(Molly Goddard as worn by Style Bubble)

Obviously the oriental in me just loves the novelty of the Molly G tulle collection. But another Chinese blogger’s only gone and got there first, pfft! Susannah Lau, always one step ahead of everyone else.