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Molecular Addictions by Aroha Silhouettes

Coffee and cigarettes? Cocaine? Or just some good old fashioned serotonin? Molecular Addictions is a controversial collection from Aroha Silhouettes, a jewellery brand inveigled not by today’s youth dance culture and our addiction to stimulants, but by science.

I love science (science, bitches!). It’s the answer to all my failures. So at 17, when my first boyfriend Stuart dumped me and I cried shamelessly into his arms, begging him to stay, and then proceeded to grab his leg in desperation to stop him from walking out of my parent’s house. That? That was just overactive pheromones. When I launched my handbag at my (current) boyfriend’s head outside a nice quiet bar on Rue Moufftard in Paris’ Latin Quarter because he called me “boring”.  That? That’s just a case of overactive ovarian follicles pumping up my estrogen. Science, I love you, hate you, respect you, all at the same time.

New Zealand designer, Tania Hennessy has built her brand, Aroha Sillhouettes, on science, combining the elements of a sterile laboratory with influences of structural chemistry and geometric shapes. Her Molecular Addictions collection is a bit of a naughty pleasure. It’s all the things that make us tick as a society. Chocolate, caffeine, and other things you can’t pick up from Londis.

LSD necklace

(LSD necklace)

MDMA necklace

(MDMA necklace)


(Serotonin necklace and earrings)

nicotine necklace

(Nicotine necklace)

alcohol earrings

(Alcohol earrings)

Not only does the collection sum up today’s pleasure-seeking generation perfectly but all of Tania’s jewellery is laser cut from reclaimed vinyl records. Visit Aroha Sillhouettes to see Tania’s other collections including Designer Drugs and Transformation Black.