All My Favourite Things...

All My Favourite Things…

Ibiza, big hats, Twister ice lollies, hi tops, crop tops, mum’s noodle salad, deep house, Ricky Gervais, Red Stripe, vanilla slices, ebay, Hideout Festival, denim shorts, sushi, Earl Grey, my boyfriend, fashion, my Vicks inhaler, Loco Dice, Reykjavik, Montmartre, coffee martinis, Breaking Bad, Tuna Steak, Michael Kors, Instagramming my food, vintage things, red lippy, painting on canvas, Bryanboy…

This is a list of all my favourite things. And Full Stop Shirts have put all of this onto a Me-shirt for me. So whenever I’m having a shit day at work or things ever take a turn for the worse, I can just look down at what I’m wearing and imagine myself in front of the famous Ibiza sunset, dancing to deep house, wearing nothing but my bikini and denim shorts.  Oh, and juggling a Twister ice lolly in one hand and a coffee martini in the other preferably. Escapism at its best.

So what would be on your Me-shirt? Head over to Full Stop Shirts and see what sort of list you can knock up. This is definitely a list maker’s dream.


I’m wearing: tshirt (Full Stop Shirts), handbag (Michael Kors), gloves (Republic sample sale)

meshirt-3 meshirt-4 meshirt-5 meshirt-6

I’m wearing: tshirt (Full Stop Shirts), handbag (Michael Kors), gloves (Republic sample sale)

It’s a very sad life when a fashion blogger makes it onto your list of favourite things. But it is what it is. Why hide my obsession?

I think everyone should get themselves a Me-shirt. You’ll probably make a list with things that are much more adventurous than ‘courgettes’ (so rock n roll, I know). But hey – I eat a courgette a day so back off.