Margaux Lange // My brother Killed Barbie

Margaux Lange // My brother Killed Barbie

When I was 7 years old, my brother killed Barbie. Along with a few of my favourite trolls. They all got stripped of their clothes, got a drastic prison haircut and were locked away until they were marched down the green mile for a brutal execution. Although this was all clearly make belief, I assure you that the haircuts were 100% real.

When I discovered Margaux Lange 6 years ago, she reminded me of what happened to Barbie et pals. It all came flooding back.

I can’t decide whether this collection celebrates Barbie or taunts her. Either way, any item  from the Margaux Lange collection will always be a conversation piece – “I’m wearing Barbie’s boobs around my neck . Discuss…”.

margaux lange 1

margaux lange 2

margaux lange 3

margaux lange 4

margaux lange 5

margaux lange 7

margaux lange 8

margaux lange 9

margaux lange 10

margaux lange 11

margaux lange 12

margaux lange 13

Images: Plastic Body Series  by Margaux Lange