Malibu x Sera Ulger

Malibu x Sera Ulger

Malibu. It’s become a bit of a forgotten drink for me to be honest. Maybe I guzzled too much of it in my student days. I really haven’t touched it since I got over my Malibu and Coke years. But today, I sense a coconutty comeback on the horizon. And this time, Mr. Malibu, you’re looking proper suave. Somebody’s had a little makeover and I am LOVING the transformation.

The team at Malibu Rum have already collaborated with nail artist, Sophie Harris-Greenslade and illustrator, Nikki Farquharson on past bottles. And now they’ve teamed up with British fashion designer Sera Ulger to create their latest limited edition Malibu bottle and it’s got me lusting after the coconut liquid once again. As explained by Sera herself, this beautiful bottle is inspired by “warm and sunny days, spent with friends enjoying cocktails” (her favourite being Pina Colada) and I’m sure you’ll agree that the design encapsulates all of that.

In addition, Malibu has commissioned Sera to create an exclusive capsule collection which features her amazing print. Visit the Malibu Facebook page to find out more about Sera Ulger’s ready-to-wear collection and keep checking in on my blog as I’ll be styling a (and giving away) a gorgeous limited edition Malibu x Sera Ulger scarf very soon!

Malibu X SeraUlgerLdn Collage


Sera Ulger Malibu 1

Sera Ulger Malibu 2

Sera Ulger Malibu 3

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