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Kristen Mcmenamy: Beautifully Strange

She has the face of a man, the hair of a witch and the body of a freak.

She’s utterly amazing.

Model, Kristen Mcmenamy has been fashion’s most well-known ugly beauty since 1985, the year I was born. In her working life, it seems she’s performed as many different characters, all of them as weird and wonderful as the last. She’s been the goth, the fairytale, the medieval warrior, the transsexual, the woman from the future, the white witch, the nylon-faced blonde (Fawnicate shoot for Love Magazine), the alien and the famous hermaphrodite.

A few weeks back, I read an article titled Beautifully Strange in the Sunday Times Style Magazine. It described Kristen as a “white haired, white skinned, turkey eyed” 48 year old. That’s what I find so fascinating. She’s weird as hell, even bordering on creepy, yet she’s more striking and impacting than all the other doll-faced, perfect-skinned, perfect-haired models out there.

In the Sunday Times Style Magazine she said, “A thousand years from now, what would remain of this industry? What picture? I hope it would be me.”

Here are some inspiring images of Kristen Mcmenamy. I hope you find her as fascinating as I do.

[Blog feature image: wedding dress by Elie Saab Haute Couture, photography by Tim Walker]

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Kristen Mcmenamy 1

Kristen Mcmenamy 2

Kristen Mcmenamy 3

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Kristen Mcmenamy 12

Kristen McMenamy for Vogue Italia (October 2012) by Tim Walker

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Kristen Mcmenamy 16

Kristen Mcmenamy 17

I think it’s official. Ugly is beautiful. And Kristen Mcmenamy is the perfect example of this.