Jam Industries // Grabble Party

Two really cool things are happening in the world right now; 1. Grabble (my fave team of fashion people EVER!) are having a drop dead gorgeous website makeover and throwing a party to celebrate. And 2. Grabble’s special guest, Andy Jordan (and his brother Mark Jordan) are going on a fashion adventure with their new brand, JAM Industries.

Designed for surfers who are stuck in the city (I’m a Balearic raver stuck in Leeds – does that count?!), JAM Industries aims to create a lifestyle brand that encourages city kids to hit the coast and explore the world of water sports. But as the Jordan brothers believe, “Surfing is not just a sport, it’s a culture.” I thoroughly agree and at first look, I can already see that their website so much more than just a shopping destination. The JAM blog talks about music, about lifestyle, about travel and about everything associated with the surf subculture; this brand is less about where you live but more about your attitude to life.

So here I catch up with Grabble’s number one fashion duo to talk about their new business and also their tres cool collab with Grabble…

Q1. So I take it the label is named using your initials? J for Jordan, A for Andy and M for Mark? (Or do you just really like jam?). Assuming I’m correct, this clothing label must have a lot of your own personal style injected into it. Is that true?

“Yes the company stands for our surname Jordan and then Andrew and Mark. It is actually registered as Jordan Andrew Mark Industries. Yes it is all ours. We aim to create a lifestyle brand around our love of the coast, surfing and all things fun. We have always struggled to sit still, and we urge people to push themselves further from their desks and enjoy themselves more. Then buy the clothes to do it haha 😉 ”


Q2. I think it’s great that two brothers can work creatively together. How do you avoid arguments?

“Haha! We are extremely close being only two years apart, living together and going to the same school and university (Leeds) together! Within the business we have defined each other different roles with Andy on the creative side and Mark on the logistics and operations. We have two very different minds and when we put them together we believe we can work pretty well together! Obviously there are disagreements but these are usually resolved pretty fast – we don’t like to um and err about any decision for too long. Like our surfboard T motto – ‘here for a good time not a long time’……why argue?”

Q3. Where/what do you get your inspiration from?

“The COAST is our biggest inspiration! We are most happy and inspired when we are out of the city and on the coast. Whether this is surfing, coasterring, chilling on the beach, jumping off sand-dunes, beach cricket, fires with roasted marshmallows, sundowners, bbqs! All things associated with the coast we absolutely love! We have recently done an Indo collection from Bali inspired from a surf trip we did out there. This is where the bamboo T idea comes from as well as the peacock print and the blue indowaiian shirt! ”

Q4. Are you excited about your collab with Grabble?

“100% Yes! We absolutely love grabble and for good reason…..They are throwing us a party – what is not to love about that?! We at Jam believe Grabble will soon be taking over the fashion world and are just honoured that they want us to be involved! We cannot wait for the journey to begin!”


Q5. Andy, what’s Marks biggest fashion faux pas to date? and vice versa?

Andy:  “Mark, I would have to say wearing his brand new black tie trousers before having them tailored and dragging them through a wet and muddy Henley festival. Not only did they look ridiculous as they were too big for him, they were brown by the end of the evening and are now completely ruined. Terrible scenes all round”

Mark:  “Last summer Andy SUP (stand up paddle-board) the Thames to raise money for the Prince’s Trust. A Great cause, charity and achievement, however, for some reason he decided to finish at Putney Bridge wearing these. By far the biggest faux-pas seeing as we then went for a celebratory drink in the local pub!”


Q6. The peacock print for SS14 is amazing! What can we expect for next season?

“Thank you! We are working hard on the next collection and hope to have it finalised in the next couple of weeks. We are holding our cards close to our chest! However one little insight…..we intend to bring out a classic fisherman’s jumper! ”


Thanks to Andy and Mark for answering my questions – hopefully I will get to catch these guys at Grabble’s new website party at the end of the month in Hoxton! I’ll be reporting on the event of course so keep checking in on my blog. For now though, you can check out my latest fashion Grabs over at Grabble. Each Grabble board is for a festival I am going to this year; Love Saves the Day, Parklife, Cocoon in the Park, SW4, Mint Fest and a board dedicated to Warehouse Project. And I’ve given a little love to JAM Industries too in my Grabble festival styling.