Introducing: Dawson D Rose

Introducing: Dawson D Rose

I’m very pleased to introduce to you (shh, no-one’s seen these yet), the beautiful capsule collection from Dawson D Rose, Notting Hill’s made to order womenswear brand. Inspired by its surroundings, the enchanting world of Notting Hill and the famous Portobello Road, this elegant label aims to make its mark through fine British tailoring.

Living and breathing in the UK’s umbilical of vintage charm and British antiques, Portobello Market, brand creator Nzinga Russell needn’t go far for her inspiration.  Now with a capsule collection featuring beautiful prints, elegant tailoring and some fabulous ready-to-wear collars, the British brand can give everyone a  glimpse into the world of DDR.

I just love the capsule collection lookbook. To me, it says: “Here’s one I made earlier; expert tailoring to enhance the feminine form.”

What do you think?

SHOT 1_166

SHOT 1_200

SHOT 2_274

SHOT 2_310

SHOT 2_432

SHOT 3_485

SHOT 3_492

SHOT 4_651

SHOT 4_725

SHOT 5_792

SHOT 5_809

SHOT 7_1038

To find out more, visit the Dawson D Rose website. And make sure you check back in as I’ll be styling a beautiful Dawson D Rose ready-to-wear collar very soon! I can’t wait to show you…