JANE BOWLER interview

Interview: Jane Bowler, Fashion Designer

Jane Bowler was a recent runner up in the prestigious WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2013. She is a self funded (and amazingly talented) designer who is currently trying to raise enough money to get her SS14 designs to London Fashion Week. If you love her designs as much as I do, make sure you pledge what you can afford on her Kickstarter page.

Here I interview Jane to find out a little bit more about her and her project…


(Above: Jane Bowler SS12)

1. I’m already a huge fan of your work. I would love nothing more than to see you head off to LFW and showcase your stunning work (not that I’ll be there *sad face*). What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest sources of inspiration are always the materials and processes that I use. This passion for materials comes from my time studying textile design at university.  I get so excited about the experimentation side of it and the way that the processes dictate a collection.

2. Tell us a bit more about your funding project on Kickstarter. What are you aiming to achieve and what will people get for contributing to your target?

Kickstarter is a great way for me to fund my projects as it not only means that people can help to support me as an emerging designer but it also means that people can also get something great from it in return! My supporters can get their hands on a selection of JB exclusives and discount rate current season accessories for a limited time only! It’s also really lovely because (as I also know) not everyone can afford designer things! But this gives people an opportunity to afford something special at an affordable price… everyone loves a bargain!

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jane bowler designer

(Above: Jane Bowler SS12)

3. In my opinion, some of the best hairdresser have bad hair, some of the most inspiring makeup artists are often quite toned down with their own makeup, and some of the most talented fashion designers dress completely different to what they’re creating. Tell me about your personal style. Do you wear your own designs? 

I guess I’m not quite as outgoing as my some of my designs when it comes to dress sense… you need the right occasion to wear them! But I always wear my accessories and bags and like to wear the AW13 crop tops for special occasions too! But day to day, it’s all about this season’s hologram necklace.  The new collection has pieces that I will defo wear! Keep your eyes peeled for that!

jane bowler aw12


(Above: Jane Bowler AW12)

4. I sometimes find that people who are hugely successful at work (fashion or otherwise) find it difficult to talk about anything but what they do. Do you ever find is hard to shut off from your work?

YES! It’s the hardest thing ever to turn off! I am forever thinking about it! I have actually had to give myself more time off this season, so that I can take a brain break every now and again! My boyfriend sometimes has to lay down the law and make ‘no work talk nights’!

5. The world of fashion is all-consuming isn’t it? From working in fashion myself, I’ve learned that it’s a huge commitment which often requires quite a few sacrifices. Do you have other hobbies and interests which you enjoy? Do you have a second love to fashion design?

The main thing for me is that I pump my earnings back into my business which means that any interests need to be money free or low cost… so I love a good car boot sale! Scouting out bargains and vintage beauties! A gin and tonic in the park on a sunny evening is a winner at the moment!


(Above: Jane Bowler SS13)

6. Last but not least, which other emerging designers do you find inspirational? Who should we be looking out for over the next few years?

You know what…. inspiring designers are those people who are going out and doing it for themselves! Fighting against the lack of money and funding and doing it because they love it and will do anything to keep going and growing! Anyone who is doing that is an inspiration! It takes serious guts and dedication to set up your own label and it’s not for the faint hearted!

jane b necklace

(Above: Jane Bowler AW13)

So what do you think of these amazing Jane Bowler designs? I’ve already made my pledge to Jane’s project and literally cannot wait to receive my exclusive twist necklace (above) at the incredible discounted price offered through Kickstarter.

Make sure you help, no matter how little. Even if it’s just £1 you can spare. Pledge now and send one of my favourite designers to London Fashion Week SS14!