Inspiration: Sandra Backlund

Inspiration: Sandra Backlund

Yet another fashion tip off from Mulberry Accessories Award winner, Amy Davidson (yes I’m hanging onto every word she says). Here is a really interesting knitwear collection from Swedish fashion designer, Sandra Backlund, one of Amy’s favourite sources of fashion inspiration.

As an anti-knitwear fan, I’m pleasantly surprised and intrigued by this knitted collection. When it comes to knitwear, I begrudgingly fill my wardrobe with it in the winter because…..well, I feel obliged. Isn’t it just wardrobe etiquette? It’s a bit like a restaurant napkin. It’s polite to use it. Or a bra. It’s more acceptable to wear one.  I buy knitwear because it’s the right thing to do. That is how I feel about knitwear.

But these dramatic pieces by Sandra Backlund are so beautiful and crazy, I’m secretly wishing the summer away…

sandra backlund 1 sandra backlund 2 sandra backlund 3 sandra backlund 4 sandra backlund 5 sandra backlund 6 sandra backlund 7 sandra backlund 8

(Images: Sandra Backlund)

Now one thing’s for sure – I’m taking up knitting, bitches.

So come on winter, let’s have ya!