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Inspiration: Bonnie Strange

It’s not often I envy other people. Life’s too short to think about what other people have and you don’t; wouldn’t we be better off using that energy to make our own lives better?

That’s just my philosophy. But sometimes, you just have to embrace the envy. Like today. Today, I envy Bonny Strange. At just 27, she’s already achieved so much. She’s beautiful, talented and such a huge inspiration in every aspect of fashion. She’s a model, a photographer, fashion designer, songwriter, blogger, and I’m sure she’s a million other amazing things too.

What really interests me though, is the fact that she has her own fashion label, The Shit. Yep, it seriously is called The Shit. So if I wasn’t in love with her already, I sure am now. A potty mouth, just like me.

Supertrash recently interviewed her and created a Bonny collection so you can even shop her look.

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bonny s

She’s the girl with a thousand different hair colours and I just love her. Check out her clothing label The Shit.