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Moodboards: Clashing Prints

Moodboards are great. When you work in a fashion environment, moodboards become essential in every stage of a business process. From documenting the most wanted trends, pulling together ideas and research that was otherwise scattered and disorganised in your brain, to presenting different looks and making a convincing argument to your directors or a client buyer.

Clashing prints are set to be pretty big in 2014, with a few stylish cats already dipping their paws into the water last year. But I have to say, it’s not so easy to pull off. I personally chickened out of mixing primary florals with monochromatic stripes on one occasion and had to run back into the house to get changed (wimp). But hey, I’ll give it another go this year.

If you’re not sure how to print clash either, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that this look requires 100% conviction. Here are some digital moodboards that may be able to give you a little bit of print clashing inspiration.

how to print clash

how to wear clasing prints

how to clashing prints

I would love to have the confidence of Andre Judd and Susie Bubble but I think I’ll have to build myself up slowly. Good luck and happy print clashing! :)