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Giraffe Print // Lavish Alice

Work attire is so effing boring. If I wanted to be nice, I’d say that everyone in my current office dresses conservatively. But sometimes, I honestly can’t help but want to burst with frustration out of watching some people’s lack of imagination for dressing. I know fashion isn’t everyone’s thing and I’ve worn some shameful fashion corkers in my time (so look who’s talking!) but I’d rather take risks than wear the same grey shift dress everyday. Oh, sorry, is that a different grey shift dress you’re wearing today? I didn’t notice.

We spend 2,268 hours (yes, I worked it out) per year at our desks. That’s over 94 days out of 365, spent in the workplace.  Come on. That’s a huge chuck of my life and I won’t be getting that back. Someone once gently suggested that I don’t dress appropriately for work (ok, there was this one time when I turned up to work, still drunk, with no trousers and flip flops instead of shoes!). Meh, I probably agree with them.

But that’s just me.

Here is a fantastic shirt from Lavish Alice, a shirt that I think puts all other work shirts to shame. It’s not too crazy yet it brings such a fun element to a simple work outfit. So I think it’s a nice compromise between being appropriate yet imaginative.

And off for drinks after work? Just throw in a clutch.

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I’m wearing: shirt (Lavish Alice), trousers (ebay), shoes (Lavish Alice), clutch (H&M)