George Says the Future's Orange

George Says the Future’s Orange

One guess as to where this outfit is from…

orange-1 orange-2

Orange Skater Dress (£10.00), Wedge Sandals (£16.00), Sunglasses (£3.o0) – All George ASDA

I’m wearing head-to-toe George (ASDA) and the entire outfit came to a grand total of £29.00. That’s ASDA price!  This outfit brightens up a dull day.  It’s modest, uncomplicated, and I just love the contrast between the bright tangerine and the aquatic hues of the colour block wedges.

It’s such a simple (and cheap!) outfit but it works so well. And my bank balance is quite happy too – thanks Georgy Porgy!

So, to all you snobs out there, there’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes from your local supermarket. You’ve just got to know what to do with it. 😉