What Inspires Me: February 2013

What Inspires Me: February 2013

That time of the month again and I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired by what other bloggers are getting up to recently. It seems that the more time I spend writing this blog, the more amazing fashion and style blogs I stumble upon. Which of course adds to my neverending fashion education. 😉

Check out what’s been making me smile in the fabulous month of Feb…

lana del rey 1

lana del rey 2

lana del rey 3

It really doesn’t surprise me that Japan has gone crazy for the beautifully weird Lana Del Rey. Her doll-like features were an automatic win with the Japanese and here she graces the cover of the March 2013 issue of Numéro Tokyo. And hello? The hat is frickin’ awesome.

transparent boots

I need these transparent boots in my life. In fact, if it wasn’t an arrestable offence to be naked in public, I’d get transparent everything. Underwear included. I am desperate to be able to pull these off.

eat shit necklace  fuck it necklace

This is some straight-talking jewellery. I am loving designs by Chelsea Ling (PaperCakes). This is definitely my kind of jewellery.

julia kaldy 1 julia kaldy 2 julia kaldy 3

Shoes designs by Julia Kaldy. I am loving simple clothing, uncomplicated lines, minimalistic styles, monochromatic colours. Which means that I need to direct my creative spasms elsewhere. If I could have one thing in 2013, it’s more money to spend on couture and concept footwear.

venetian mask venetian mask 2

This month I went to my very first venetian themed masked ball, a surprise birthday party for my friend Sam. So I’ve spent quite a few hours searching the internet for inspiration. In the end I opted for an ice-white / silver ensemble.

finn rae earl

I was never a fat kid at school but just about everything else in My Mad Fat Diary (Monday nights on Channel 4) brings back painful/sweet/romantic memories. Oh and the throwback fashion is amazing. Hair scrunchies, band tees, Liam Gallagher sunnies…..take me back to the 90s right now.

JW Anderson topshop 2013

So a few people have been put off by these JW Anderson images on Topshop’s website. Yes it’s ugly. And yes, all twins are creepy. But I love androgyny. I may not want to look like this exactly but I will take inspiration from how this look has been put together. To me, it’s just so inspiring.