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Fame & Partners // The Freshly Picked Collection

I don’t know how other people shop but I’ve noticed a few differences in my own group of friends. My friends who work in fashion design, fashion styling or the creative / fashion industry usually know what they’re looking for. Most the time because they’ve already manifested the perfect dress in their head. And it’s just a matter of finding it, hoping that it exists. Either that, or it’s time to get the old sewing machine out. Then I have friends who don’t work in fashion or a creative role and I’ve noticed when they shop, they often go as a blank canvas with no prerequisites. And it’s a matter of stumbling across something they like, hoping that it comes in their size. Either that or it’s raid a best friend’s wardrobe for something to borrow. Both types of shopping can be similarly frustrating. But it doesn’t matter what type of shopper you are when it comes to Fame & Partners because they offer a service that seems to please both types of people.

Inspired by heritage dressmakers and based on an anti-wastage business model is unique to us, Fame & Partners create made-to-order fashion with bespoke customisation so you can really put your own stamp on a piece. Those who are inspired will get to exercise their creative license and those who are uninspired will get a basic starting point. Check out their Freshly Picked collection for the latest looks…

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The Freshly Picked Collection by Fame & Partners

Images: Fame & Partners