Dumpster Design: Mother Plastic Shoot

Dumpster Design: Mother Plastic Shoot

As you may know, I’m a total Dumpster Design groupie and I ROFLcopter every time I read designer Daisy’s personal blog (she’s a hoot!). So I’m tres, tres excited to share with you, her latest work from the Dumpster Design / Mother Plastic photoshoot. This is a collaboration with fashion photographer, Erika Szostak and the project highlights, in Erika’s own words, “the results of our modern tribal affairs, our collective individualism and narcissism leaving us awash in plastics and waste.”

Deep, man.

Erika’s story, which features jaw-dropping dress designs by Daisy Harris-Burland (one of my favourite people in the world – is that a bit much? Stalker alert!), takes on the conceptual figures of Mother Nature (another favourite person of mine) as well as the natural mothers of our world. The Mother Plastic project toys with the idea of the natural world being replaced with synthetic things….

“In my story Mother Nature doesn’t wear leaves or grass or go naked; she wears recycled rubbish and plastic. The mothers in my story don’t breastfeed their children or give them healthy organic food; they rely on formula and load the kids up with sweets.”

So here are the striking images from the photoshoot. Well done to Daisy and the whole team at Dumpster Design, and Erika for this artistic and meaningful fashion statement.









Find out more info on the Mother Plastic project on Erika’s photography website or take a look at more amazing eco-inspired dresses on Dumpster Design.