Childhood Style Icons

Today, I was watching The Rescuers, a film which brings back so many memories for me. This little cartoon adventure was a childhood favourite of mine and will always be a visionary trinket of nostalgia. As I watched Miss Bianca and Bernard escape the terrifying wrath and snapping jaws of crocodiles Nero and Brutus, it dawned on me that the leading lady had been a style icon without me even realising it.

Miss Bianca’s pillbox fur hat has made its way into my wardrobe, not only once but twice this year (a girl can never have too many) so here’s my ode to the fashionable cartoon characters who have shaped my fashion sense over the years.

rescuers miss bianca

Who knew that a fictional mouse had so much power over the way I dress today? I soon realised that there were many influencers from my childhood years. So here I’ve compiled a list of some interesting childhood style icons – maybe you’ll discover that some of these are yours too?


I love tribal, navajo, fringing, anything that looks like it’s come straight out of Native America. I still love Pocahontas to this day and she’s every girl’s reason to get a spray tan! 😉

The gorgeous Miss Pitstop. She makes it ok to wear pink from head to toe, put your hair in rollers every night and wear gloves for fashion, not for warmth.


Yes I know she’s evil. But Queen Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is the ultimate icon of darkness. Her outfit in the cartoon could easily be the product of designer Gareth Pugh’s twisted imagination and as the world’s sexiest woman Angelina Jolie is set to play this character in July 2014, it’s safe to say that it’s acceptable to look up to a princess-hunting, crow-owning witch.

By far the most inappropriately provocative cartoon character of all time, Jessica Rabbit is the epitome of sex. Looking back, it’s fair to say that old Jess is a bit of a tart but I think we all looked up to her as kids dreaming and hoping we could one day possess such powers of seduction. The floor length red dress, the killer heels, the glamorous stage hair – haven’t we all tried to recreate this look at one point or another?


I didn’t watch much of Sailor Moon as a kid but I’m sure that the little of it I did consume has contributed to my love of dip dye hair and Japanese kawaii fashion. If only I could pull off  Sailor Chibiusa’s candy pink hair!

George Jetson is one lucky man. His family are tres stylish and his wife and daughter are beautiful scribblings of the fashionable kind. Forget the leopard print as inspired by The Flinstones – I’m all about futuristic fashion, structured outfits and space tailoring! 😉

So what do you think? Do you have any cartoon style icons?