carven catwalk ss14

Carven SS14: The Simplicity of Colour

I love reading other people’s interpretations of a fashion collection. Isn’t it amazing what one person sees and another person doesn’t? The Carven SS14 collection has been noted for its urban camo print and its animated, oversized florals (you can read more on TrendHunter). But that’s just not what I see first when I look at catwalk images and the catwalk footage from Paris Fashion Week.

The contradicting multi-coloured camouflage just doesn’t move me. And the eyecatching floral prints? Beautiful. But it doesn’t knock my socks off. What really made me stop and stare at the collection was the simplified use of block colouring, a trend I have never, ever, ever been able to get on board with before. But block colour is my new best friend. Because the Carven SS14 collection does it in the most unfussy, minimalistic way.

Carven SS14 takes just one colour, no more, no less, and makes it the only thing that matters in an outfit. Think of the most simplified yet courageous way of using colour.

It’s very easy to overcomplicate things in fashion. Prints, patterns, graphics, embellishments; so much choice, so much distraction.  The Carven collection celebrates something that we take for granted on a daily basis. This is just pure and simple colour; the intensity of Blood Orange, the pretty hue of Poppy Red.

So pick a colour. Any colour.  And that colour is all you will need.

carven ss14

carven ss14

carven lilac dress

carven suede pumps

carven organza skirt

carven red shorts

I just love how simple this collection is. If you want to view the complete Carven collection available to buy, visit Avenue32, one of my favourite designer shopping sites. My absolute must-have piece has got to be the bright orange skirt and top combo – such an underrated colour!