Candy Cane Dress // Lavish Alice

Candy Cane Dress // Lavish Alice

“I heart Alice”…..for those of you who read my blog back in 2012, you may remember Lavish Alice. Now in 2014, more than 18 months on, Lavish Alice has evolved into an incredible force of fashion, a brand in its own right and a brand that can be found in some of the most well known fashion retailers such as ASOS.

From the quirky brand identity and the considered product photography, to the risks that the Lavish buyers take (and I do believe they do take some), this fashion label has earned its place. The current collection is small, but it’s concise and it tells a confident story, one that I can believe and takeinspiration from. So here’s to my favourite gal Alice – a tribute with my favourite piece found on ASOS.





I’m wearing: dress (Lavish Alice), hat fascinator (Kasia Girtler), shoes (ebay)