Can Men Wear Dresses?

So here’s the big question: can mean wear dresses? Now we all know about the Scots and their exhibitionist ways. Pff, those bagpipe-playing, underwear-missing commandos are always at it aren’t they. 😉

And good old Golden Balls has only gone and tried his plums at a Jean-Paul Gaultier sarong too. So airing the assets and braving for breathability is old news to you, I know.

But can men really pull off a designer gown? Someone out there thinks yes.


I saw this in the Metro newspaper this morning on my way to London and it inspired me to check out other pieces of The Mathematics of Love, JW Anderson’s AW13 collection.

mens-dresses-JW-Anderson JW-anderson-2013

JW Anderson AW13

(JW Anderson AW13 collection)

JW Anderson seems to be fully embracing the androgynous look – a trend in fact – which has influenced female fashion. Fashion bloggers everywhere have been pulling out the boyfriend jeans, big knits, large open shirts and sharp tailoring. And it looks well cool. But it’s not often that I see it done the other way around.

Other than Bryanboy (who is my number one style icon ever), I just couldn’t seem to fulfil my man-dresses-like-woman-and-vice-versa fascination anywhere else. More recently, I found Nathan Moy of The Provoker, a guy who tells us he is “gifted (or cursed) with an androgynous figure” and let me tell you, his blog is immense. So there we have it – my two style icons are men.


In a way, a man in a shift dress could be a bit of a sexy move for fashion. What better way to display perfectly toned biceps? So what do you think then guys and girls? Is the androgynous look going to hot for 2013. I hope so. We need more Nathan Moys around here!