Belles Bejewelled: A Leeds Designer

Belles Bejewelled: A Leeds Designer

I  am completely in awe of the beautiful jewellery from Belles Bejewelled. Leeds designer, Rebecca Pearson is the creative genius behind the brand and I wait with baited breath to see what she does next.

Her designs are fascinating in every way and I just don’t think there’s anything else like it out there. When I met the designer a few weeks back, she told me that there are some exciting pieces with some fresh colours coming in for Spring. If you can’t wait for the big reveal, check in on her website Belles Bejewelled to find out more.

You can also shop the full range of Rebecca’s jewellery on


I’m wearing: necklace (Belles Bejewelled), skirt (ASOS), top (Boohoo), shoes (

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I’m just spellbound by this amazing necklace. If you are too and want to know more about Belles Bejewelled, make sure you follow Rebecca on Twitter to hear the latest news on her upcoming  designs.