Ashish SS14: London Fashion Week

Ashish SS14: London Fashion Week

Ashish has done it again. The Delhi born designer always manages to turn something I hate into something I can’t get enough of. For SS13, he transformed the chavtastic scrunchie into an iconic accessory (I’m the proud owner of two hair scrunchies thank you very much). In AW13, he managed to completely change my mind about slogan tops. And now for London Fashion Week SS14, he’s made me look at sequins in a whole new way.

I hate sequins. In fact, I hate most sparkly things. Diamante, jewels, glitter…’s all just tack to me. Team that with a tight bodycon dress and a touch of fakery (tan, lashes, nails, you name it) and you’ve got everything I despise, the product of C list fashion.

But if Asish says so, then sequins are hot as hell. And if Ashish creates a bodycon runway for AW14, I’m even on board with that shizz.

Here’s a look at the Ashish SS14 catwalk…

ashish ss14

ashish ss14 ashish2 ashish ss14 ashish ss14

I’m also head over heels in love with the Ashish model, Chloe Norgaard (main feature image). Have you ever seen anyone look so beautiful with green hair?

I so wish I could pull that off.