2013: My Year in Fashion

2013: My Year in Fashion

I hate to be one of those instagram twats. But yeah, I’m gonna be an instagram twat and show you my year in fashion via the power of social media. I know we’re 10 days into 2014 now but so much happened in 2013 for fash and I, that I just have to share.

I lost a job in fashion, I gained a job in fashion, I fell out of love with the high street and found true love with independents. I’ve been completed inspired by amazing designers but I also lost my fashion mojo. I found it again in a fuck-off-shaped ring that gave me the will to carry on and I also committed some serious fashion no-nos to be truly ashamed of. But I embrace the shame…

Here are my 2013 fashion moments as told by the most irritating social media channel, instagram!

2013fashion8 2013fashion9 2013fashion10 2013fashion11 2013fashion1 2013fashion2 2013fashion3 2013fashion4 2013fashion5 2013fashion6 2013fashion7

So here’s a little overview of my 2013 year in fashion. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Sorry again for being a social media nobhead. 😉