10 Facts About Fashion Bloggers

10 Facts About Fashion Bloggers

Just a few observations I’ve made over the years. Feel free to disagree or add to them in the comments. Or you can twitch about it (tweeting and bitching at the same time).

1. They all love cake. Especially cake of the cupped variety. That’s right – one of those buttercream-smothered creations can make any fashion blogger go weak at the knees. Unless you’re a male fashion blogger, in which case it’s all about pretending you don’t love them but secretly stashing them in your manbag, no? 😉

2. They all look the same. After a few years of following fashion blogs, everyone does start to merge into the same person. They even seem to talk the same, blog the same and take the same types of pictures where they put one hand in their hair and look down at the ground as boyfriend/housemate/tripod does the honours.


(My favourite pose here is of course Stu Bradley’s, taken from his guide called How to Pose Like a Fashion Blogger.)

Is there any way I can somehow avoid the blogger stereotype when it comes to posing? In this oversaturated blogosphere of shoes, seams and skirts, I don’t think I stand a chance of looking any different *big sigh* but I will continue to try.

3. They love instagram. Everything has to be instagrammed (yes, they’ve even turned the social blogging site into a verb). Even food. What’s even more important is instagramming a selection of things, including your gingerbread latte from Starbucks and your dog Hobnob, then calling it “My Week in Instagram”. Cringe.com.

4. They tweet and sometimes twitch. This isn’t just fashion bloggers. It seems the whole world has convinced themselves that Twitter is the place to go if you need to voice your opinion on something. I’m a pretty private person – some might say I’m closed off – but I’ll never share intimate details of my life on social media or even on my blog. I’m very old fashioned like that.


5. They love ‘blogger meet-ups’. Fashion bloggers (well, most of them anyway) are friendly and welcoming people. They all like to go to the same events, hang out with bloggers who have the same interests and they love to tweet each other to see who’s going where. ‘Blogger meet up’ posts are becoming more and more common and I know a few bloggers who have formed real and close friendships after meeting up at PR events. Although I consider myself to be a bit of an outsider in these circles, the bloggers who I have come across or worked with have all been super nice. :)

6. They love their pets. Now don’t get me wrong, I think animals are dead cute. But I don’t know how interested I am in what other people’s dogs get up to at the weekend. I’ve noticed that it always proves popular with blog readers though so maybe I’m doing it all wrong? Maybe I should start introducing Ozzy, my cat, to my blog posts…..

7. They love Michael Kors. Do you know a fashion blogger who doesn’t own/want a Michael Kors watch? Last season, it was the Cambridge Satchel. Last year, it was all about the bowler hat. Oh how I do love to watch a blogger trend develop.


8. Nails are very important. I don’t take care of my digits as much as I should. This must be a blogger thing. They always have amazing nails with the most spectacular designs. If only I had the time…..

9. They love a wishlist. Oh yes, the weekly wishlist. It’s a common feature in the world of blogs today. Since Polyvore, there seems to be an increasing urge for fashion bloggers to create product collages full of their favourite things. Have any of these wishlists been answered, I wonder? If you’ve been a lucky recipient, do tell. I might start wishlisting myself one of these days.

10. They wear a lot of flower crowns. I used to love flower crowns. I was all over the Lana Del Rey look. But now I’ve seen so many of them everywhere, on so many different people that I’m sick of looking at them. Ahh, will I ever reconcile my feelings for the floral headpiece? I hope so.


So according to me, these are all FACTS. Haha. But I’m sure someone (or everyone) will probably disagree.

If you’ve got more to add to my list, let me know in the comments below.