10 Annoying Things About Fashion Bloggers

Come on, don’t pretend you don’t have pet peeves about the blogging world. Here are some of the things that annoy the bloomin’ bejesus out of me.  Now it’s all a bit tongue in cheek my darlings but if you’re easily offended, I’d give this sarcastic skit of mine a miss.

Other than doing that SAME frickin’ pose (see 10 Facts About Fashion Bloggers post), here are the things that really F me off about other fashion bloggers…

1. Blogging buzzwords


(Necklace by Tatty Devine)

Now before I commence on my first point, let it be said that I am a writer first, blogger second. Writing pays my bills. And I don’t mean free stuff or blog advertising (not about to sell my soul to the Devil). I am a freelance copywriter so words are actually quite important to me. Overlooking the sea of bad grammar and poorly structured writing, of which there is plenty, there are a few big blogging buzzwords that quite frankly, do my head in.

“Covet” – I really don’t like this word.

“Stunning” – is it really stunning? Or are you just stuck for an adjective?

“Gorgeous” – I’m guilty of using this word a fair bit. But really? (Same as above.)


2. Wishlists

I can’t stand them, sorry. Even a five year old can use Polyvore and montage her favourite items together. And she doesn’t need a blog post to prove it.


3. Mobile phone pics


(Company Magazine Super Bloggers issue: feature on how not to blog)

Yes, I’m a picture snob.  That’s all I have to say about that.


4. OOTD posts

If I wanted to see normal, every day outfits, why would I need to go online? I would just look at my friends and work colleagues or get street style inspiration. I don’t want to see something I can get from Topshop; I want to want something that I can’t have. Which is why I go crazy for people like Andre Judd or Bryanboy, not your everyday style blogger.


5. Blog birthdays


My parents sometimes acknowledge the family cat’s birthday (20th April). Oscar’s been knocking around for 16 years. I’d say he’s earned himself a birthday tummy rub or two. But celebrating the birth of an electronically- stored, inanimate object formed from Hypertext Markup Language, is just one step too far for me.

6. Asking questions at the end of each post

It’s supposed to be a great way of encouraging readers to interact with you in the comments. I’m sure it works but I just hate it as a sign off. The most contrived way of asking a question ever?

7. My week in instagram


Now I only did this once, I swear.  (And I explain why here.)

I do love instagram. It’s super addictive. But if I wanted to see instagram pics, I’d just go to Instagram and follow you there. Surely, that’s just logical? I don’t tend to share my personal life on my blog (I like to stick to fashion) but if you did want to see what I was eating for lunch (mostly quinoa and salad leaves) or what I was doing at the weekend (most likely drinking), make sure you follow me on Instagram.

8. Blog giveaways

Getting something for nothing…..who am I kidding, my eyes light up at the sign of a good giveaway. But some blogs seem to be strung together by a series of competitions and it couldn’t be more obvious that the prizes are unwanted birthday or Christmas gifts. Ask me to tweet to win a Michael Kors handbag and I’m all over that shit. But I’m probably not going to hyperventilate over a £10 lipgloss. 😉

9. The garden fence

I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t moan about this. It’s not easy finding creative locations and we all have lives to be getting on with. But it’s a terrible backdrop for outfit posts.

10. Holiday snaps


Have I stumbled across a travel blog here? I’ve never been a fan of the whole online diary thing and I never will. If I read a fashion blog, it’s because I’m interested in fashion, not what you and your boyfriend got up to in the Dominican Republic. I find that more and more blogs are becoming theatres of narcissism and there’s nothing more *cringe* than that.

So, that’s my lot. My gripes. My grumbles.

I’m sure I’m guilty of a million and one fashion blogger habits too (tweeting at the dinner table or hashtagging everything) but I just needed to get some of these thoughts off my chest. Feel free to add to my list or tell me to shut the f*ck up in the comments…